Monday, July 7, 2008

Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays

I am not quite sure what's my deal lately but it seems like the last few days I have had a case of the Mondays! Although it was a glorious sunny weekend, I was kinda just, well...just blah. Perhaps I need to do a little therapeutic brain dump:

1. I can't keep up with laundry. It seems like each time I finish, there is another load and half to do. It's frustrating cuz this was my trade off chore - I gave up cleaning the bathroom and never having to take out trash for laundry duty. But that's because laundry never sucked so bad when I only had my own to do. I really don't understand how the man goes through that much clothes, its out of this world crazy. *Typical wife vent*

2. I really want to buy a new Macbook. We went to the Apple store this weekend and I got the stamp of approval from the hubs but I still am hesitant about making the switch from PC. I need to make a decision soon, while there is still funds in my wallet! Mark, on the other hand, desperately wants the new iphone. New phones or new macbook??? Help!

3. Mark's schedule is really bumming me out. He works ALL THE TIME! Seriously, he is only off one day a week and it is never the same day. It's making it pretty hard to find couple time or any sort of consistency with our schedule. But he tries really hard. I should do something to let him know I notice that. Even when he is totally tired he makes a commendable attempt at pillow talk.

4. I hate my hair and need to go shopping. (For clothes, not hair - sorry that was two random thoughts mashed together)

5. We got our wedding photos from Sarah! The beautifully packaged CD is loaded and I mean LOADED with photos. I am sifting through them for you and will be posting soon :) Here's a little preview of one of my favorites...

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer this evening :( I am determined to snap out of it ASAP and make something wonderful of my week! I hear it's gonna be a HOT one; stay cool!


Rachel said...

ooh, i can't wait to see the rest!

laundry seems like a never ending for us too.

Catherine Tang said...

i'm a mac fan!

nita said...

get the MACBOOK! the switch from PC to MAC is super easy and you'll love it.

yaya for more pics! can't wait to see your posts!

ps. right after my wedding i got a haircut cuz my hair was sooo long for the wedding and I need the locks for my wedd hair!

nita said...

I just saw you on Sarah's blog! Are you going to working with Kerrie?? My sister hired her as her DOC! Her wedding is in May...maybe we'll finally get to meet! lol :)

Crystal Le said...

hi vanessa! catherine's sister here! you look gorgeous!

i feel you on laundry... it's a lot of work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pic! Can't wait to see the rest!!