Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Thoughts

I love thanksgiving for the simple fact that it is probably the only holiday which has remained somewhat un-commercialized. Sure you spend loads of time at the grocery store the days before but that's different because you're buying food for family dinner. Thanksgiving is about spending time with people you care about and people you are thankful for, and my thanksgiving was nothing short of that.

Holidays are BIG in my family, so we make a BIG deal out of them. If not for holidays, every day would be the same as the next so we make it a point to celebrate each and every one of them, to create memories that serve as milestones in our journey through life.

A lot of thought went into this year's dinner. My sister and I spent weeks putting together a menu and envisioning a set up that would qualify this year as the best thanksgiving EVER.
Here are some pics of our table. (We prepped for 19 people this year! whew!)

This holiday also marks the beginning of my most favorite time of the year! I absolutely LOVE the holiday season and everything about it! Hope you all had a blessed thanksgiving :)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

One of my favorite bloggers, Andrea from Hula Seventy, recently made a "list" post called 100 things in the world i love. It was such a delight to read that I thought I'd make my own list. I tried to leave the fam out of it because I could have listed 70+ things that were all husband/family related! They are the real loves of my life!
Anyways, here they are... 100 things in the world i love ♥

1. New York City
2. pajama pants
3. scavenger hunts
4. tupperware
5. custom closets
6. pretty stationery
7. travel guides
8. peanut butter
9. No. 2 Pencils
10. transition words
11. baby hands and feet
12. candles
13. diaries
14. photography
15. family traditions
16. bargains
17. the blogosphere
18. holiday decor
19. county fairs
20. planners and calendars
21. wine glasses
22. well traveled luggage
23. water balloons
24. gift wrap
25. postcards
26. hair spray
27. potlucks
28. little black dresses
29. sequels
30. dryer sheets
31. cultural dance
32. chopped fruit
33. lip gloss
34. decorative pillows
35. library books
36. Jon & Kate plus 8
37. thrift stores
38. catalogs
39. excel spreadsheets
40. pool loungers
41. layered clothing
42. massages
43. athlete-inspired commercials
44. pearls
45. reusable shopping bags
46. calligraphy
47. dioramas
48. pizza night
49. pinatas
50. jump ropes
51. rollie pollies
52. bobby pins
53. photo booths
54. road trips
55. piggy banks
56. picnics
57. throw blankets
58. collages
59. jackets
60. email
61. greeting cards
62. white out
63. interior design
64. scripture
65. twinkle lights
66. lace
67. playing cards
68. golf carts
69. flavored water
70. fabric scissors
71. museums
72. file folders
73. fun facts
74. craft projects
75. paper towels
76. business cards
77. the swiffer mop
78. moisturizer
79. bottle caps
80. backpacks
81. children songs
82. winter
83. hair dye
84. home videos
85. baked goods
86. worn in jeans
87. postage stamps
88. gift registries
89. garment bags
90. double stick tape
91. passport stamps
92. social studies
93. classic movies
94. paper clips
95. semi-homemade cooking
96. new wallets
97. baseball games
98. photo albums
99. post its
100. making lists

Man, I just realized how quirky I am! I closed my eyes and thought about it for about 30 seconds before starting and then it took me like a whole 2 minutes to write this. I could've easily written a couple more hundred! YIKES!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stand Up, Speak Up, VOTE!

Don't let the threat of rain or long lines shy you away from one of the most important elections in our lifetime! Today is the day to stand up and make you voice heard! In California you have till 8pm tonight to vote. Check with your local registrar of voters for info on where to vote and approximate wait times. Here is the link for the Orange County registrar's site.

See ya at the polls :)