Saturday, November 24, 2007

My Pain in the Arse "Must Have"

My Dream Dress Nightmare... Before I even looked at a wedding dress I had described this exact dress to Tanya - "spanish inspired, vintage, glamour" After my initial unsuccessful hunt, I came across this dress online and its a Maggie Sottero - budget friendly and easy to find right? WRONG! While its thankfully in myprice range, it is part of the Spring 2008 line and will not be available as a store sample till late January/February so the soonest I could get it would be possibly early May! *Really cutting it close to the wedding! plus I would not have the opportunity to try it on before buying* Everywhere I called told me I could purchase the dress but had no sample to try. Buying a dress before trying it on = not a markessa policy!

After many many calls (I even called shops in AZ and NY - I'd use any excuse to go to NYC!), I finally got a local bridal shop to order 1 of the 4 dresses the designer had in stock (one of them happened to be in my size). These are not samples but an actual "turn key" model that would be available for purchase as soon as it arrives. The owner took mercy on me, as she did not require me to make a commitment to buy (we all know how indecisive I am). This no pressure sales quality may ironically be a huge selling point for me! Anyways, here she is... lets hope I am still in love with her after I try it on Wednesday!

Dress Update: These pictures don't even do it justice. The dress is a thousand times more breath taking in person and I am happy to announce that it has been purchased and should arrive early April, thanks to Mariposa Boutique. If there was only one bridal shop left on the planet, I would hope it was this one. Kacey, the owner, is beyond helpful and her vision of providing affordable dresses in an aesthetically pleasing environment is a rare find. The customer service is top notch and biased as I may be, I will forever sing their praises!

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