Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Groom Gear

We finally found the time to head over to the Men's Wearhouse to check out tux rentals. I will preface by saying that we are huge MW fans; their service is exceptional. However we were disappointed, to say the least, to find that they only had fabric swatches in stores. The process is as follows: make your selection from a catalog picture (lame), get measurements taken, place non refundable deposit, and then pray to God it looks good on you when you pick it up 2 days before the wedding. (preposterous!) Basically it is no more helpful than ordering something online. The MW website has some nice customizing features, but is still not nearly as satisfying as seeing something in person. Our plan B was AfterHours formal wear, but Men's Wearhouse has bought out AfterHours and they do not have the sample tuxes in store either :(

This compelled me to do a full on search only to find that a) there is a serious lack of tux rental options in Southern California, and b) the no samples thing is pretty much a norm in this line of business. Leave it to the male species to not object to such a practice; I can assure you, the whole "take measurement & cross your fingers" approach would never work in a female targeted arena!

THE EXCEPTION: While Friar's tux generally operates the same as above, they additionally offer a FREE Groom Try On. This is a no obligation opportunity for the groom to try on all the styles you're interested in. You just have to preregister your wedding with them, select the styles you want them to order for you, and they will have them in your size for your Groom Try On appointment! Thank you, thank you, thank you Friar's Tux! Practicality and Peace of Mind makes us happy customers :)

Some possible options:

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