Friday, March 21, 2008

The Latest & Greatest

OK OK so I have not at all been keeping up on my posts. I'd like to say that its because I have been such a superstar bride to be, but I'm afraid not. The truth is I have spent a significant amount of time lately worrying and stressing, as oppose to being productive. The stress has worn me out - literally. Tonight, while being sick in bed is nowhere on my check list, it has made its presence known :( Consequently, this update would be the only thing I have accomplished in the last 24 hours - eeek!

*First and foremost - our honeymoon plans are official! We will be honeymooning in Maui! We had gone back and forth about the idea of taking our honeymoon right away but finally decided that this is a must. We had some airline credit that we had to use before it expired and during our hotel search we found a God Sent Deal! Soooo looking forward to this!

*Accomplishment #2 - Get ready to "oooohhh & awwwww!" Here is a picture of our flower girls in their beautiful dresses~

How ADORABLE are they?! You would never believe that they were less than $50 from Burlington Coat Factory! They have tons of kids' formal wear, especially since its easter time.

*Lastly, I am SO thankful we sent out those save the dates since I have not sent out my wedding invites yet. (Bad bride!) But I am going to make a personal guarantee that they are so going to be worth the wait ;) More to come on that soon...

Tanya took one look at my to do list on Sunday and graciously offered to handle our slide show and another detail project, which I eagerly handed off. I nearly forgot what a creative perfectionist she was till she emailed me what she had so far - amazing! Sadly, she did more wedding related stuff than I did this week.

Oh I really really hope I wake up tomorrow feeling better! Saturdays are my "girls night in" nights with Linette, otherwise known as our "craft extravaganza/weekly therapy/how did I get myself into this?!/man, we are old" nights. HA!

Before the Theraflu kicks in, can I just offer one piece of advice to anyone planning a wedding... DON'T PROCRASTINATE! Everything, seriously EVERYTHING takes longer than you think it will! Start early, especially if you are on a budget! When you are down to the wire, you don't have the luxury of doing a full on price comparison and you have to start making some quick decisions, maybe not the greatest ones. So plan ahead! - Or - You can just test the ability of your entire well being and stretch yourself way too thin and end up like me - Sick. In bed. On a Friday night. With an ungodly To-Do List awaiting your recovery. G'night ya'll ;)

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