Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Birthday Gift from Disney!

While I might have to argue whether Disneyland is indeed the happiest Place on Earth, I will not argue with their current promotion I got in my email this morning. Between September 18th and an undisclosed date (just do it now!), visitors can sign up to receive free admission to one of the Disney theme parks on your 2009 birthday! I read through the FAQs and the offer seems pretty straight forward. Anyone can sign up; I just registered the hubs and I and thought you guys might share in my excitement! Check it out HERE :)

It might not be my #1 happiest place, but I sure do look geekishly happy the last time I was there!
*Yup, thats me... the 3rd Minnie ears from the left!


Savvy Mode SG said...

according to gal pal who worked there during high school, it is not the happiest place on earth. but, my niece thinks so. i have to check out the deal.

Jen and Bern said...

Yep, I saw the deal too and signed up. Next Sept 20th, I just might be the happiest girl on earth! :)

Good Girl Gone Blog said...

Awe, that was a good day with my Minnies. :-)