Thursday, September 18, 2008


My good friend, Andrea, has blog tagged me! I was told to fill out the questions below and then tag 4 other people. Game on :)

4 things I did today
*Had lunch and a therapeutic brain dump with my wonderful husband
*Paid a little visit to one of new favorite people, Kelly at Once Upon a Cupcake (separate post with details to follow!)
*Got invited by Kerrie to the Ceremony Magazine party next week!
*Cleaned out my email *If you emailed me at the markessaxo domain earlier this week, I just got it today for some reason. I believe I have answered all emails so if you didn't get a reply, please resend! Thanks!

4 things on my to do list
*Bridesmaid dress shopping for my cousin's wedding :)
*Get a desperately needed haircut
*Launch my website
*Plan our next vacation

4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
*Checking my blackberry/email
*Snacking when I'm not necessarily hungry, BAD habit!
*Jon & Kate Plus 8! reruns
*Spoiling my nieces and nephews

4 random facts about me:
*I am a total wimp when it comes to horror movies. I won't even watch the previews. I think the last scary movie I watched was the Blair Witch Project and it gave me nightmares for days :(
*I have never purchased a lottery ticket. I almost did the day before I got engaged, but just wasn't feeling the moment. I want to be the girl who gets "a notion," buys her first lotto ticket at a hole in the wall liquor store or maybe even an airport (they sell them there right?), and wins big!
*I am a hybrid mix of Filipino and Puerto Rican. I think I get asked this question more than anything.
*I research the heck out of my purchases; I rarely make impulsive buys. I do lots of online window shopping and read every review available. So this means you will not find me at a mall or out shopping unless I know precisely what I am looking for. The exception to this would, of course, be shoes ;)

4 people I tag!
*Jen M.



.reese. said...

lol! I'm a total Jon & Kate Plus 8 fan! And I love your compulsive buying exception...I agree!

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love to spoil my niece and nephew too.... it gives me lots of pleasure to see them smile.

Andrea said...

You have got to be the most money conscious gal I know, but you forgot to mention how you can't resist bargain purchases and clearance items! lol