Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WARNING: Serious teaser photo in post...

So I have spent the last 24 hours stalking online albums, myspace accounts, blogs, the entire www in search of some teaser pics from our wedding. So much of my life and well being relies on the satisfaction, inspiration, and evidence I draw from photos and I am dying to see what really happened and what everything really looked like that day. Mark and I attempted describing to each other what we recall from the wedding and both agreed that we had a severe case of bridal vision - a condition where everything races by and then leaves cloudy, blurry memories to sort through. It's hard to explain. That morning, I tried to convince my girls that no one would be able to tell if I kept my camera in my cleavage but my plea was sadly shot down, leaving me desperately squirming for other sources of documentation. You don't understand - NEVER do I leave the house without my camera. It's a rotten, annoying habit but the thought of not capturing a significant moment/thought/or detail I run across, just eats me alive. I mean... what if I find the most delicious pair of shoes EVER or what if someone breaks out in song at the post office and I have nothing on film to prove it?! So sad.
You could only imagine how ecstatic I was to find our "Money Shot" posted on
Sarah K Chen's blog!

Forgive my lack of modesty, but how perfect is this photo?! And I'm not just talking about that handsome dude with that very lucky girl - but check out the softness of the lighting, the framing of those leaves, and the sweetness of that kiss!
Sarah, BLESS YOU for posting this! It so leaves me itching to see more but it is positively the fix I was looking for. And many, many thanks to our coordinator, Kerrie of Platinum Weddings by Kerrie, for finding this treasure of a park to shoot in! You are the best!


Mrs. L said...

Hey you! I didn;t know you were friends with Cat & Rachel until I saw your name on GTG email she sent out!!

Congratulations on your wedding!!!! I can't wait to see more pics on Sarah's blog.

markessaxo said...

Cat's better half and my better better half go WAY back. And she and I have come to bond over way too many common interests/habits! lol Cant wait for our GTG!