Saturday, June 14, 2008

A woman after my own heart <3

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Really?! Only a thousand?! Are you sure about that? Because when I saw these I could've sworn more than a thousand came to mind!

They also say that all good things are worth waiting for. I might have to agree with them on this one; in fact, they very well may have been referring to the uber-creative work of Sarah K Chen. If I haven't said it before, I am in absolute awe of this woman. If it possible to take a feeling/a moment/a memory and capture it in the click of a camera, this would be Sarah's specialty! I already had a lot to look forward to this weekend so you can only imagine the squeels that came out of me when I saw an email from Sarah that we had officially been blogged! If I called you at almost midnight last night, this is why! Sorry!

It is very hard to pick favorites since each and every one really pierces the very heart of me but here are a few that nearly brought me to tears (tears of joy, of course!)

My dress - My "Must Have"

Getting dolled up by Liz - a juicy shot of our bouquets

The girls applying some last minute touches

Our precious flower girls

The very fact that someone considered my love affair with shoes makes me swoon BIG TIME! I may have to frame this one.

Playing dress up ;)

I call the one in the middle! hehe On a side note... Seriously - How COOL is Jae?!

Yes, they are kind of ridiculously good looking! If you think those bridesmaids are cute, you should see their sister ;)

Just moments before the big show...

Anxiously waiting in the bridal suite -

If only you knew how I feel about this little man, then you'd know why this picture's an obvious favorite for me.

I did. He did. We did!
Photo taken by Sarah's 2nd shooter, Thuan of Fotografiablu Photography - a truly talented man!

These types of shots always make me smile.


This shot alerted authorities - literally! One of a few lucky shots we got before Homeland Security banned us from shooting on a public transit platform.

Though most of the night just whizzed by, I actually can still recall precisely what I was feeling at this moment!

Feeding the bridesmaids - is that weird or something?! haha It's sort of a little tradtion we started. (And to answer my own question, yes it is a peculiar little inside joke!)

YUMMY on so many levels!

And finally... MY MOM - The Dancing Queen...

Sarah simply does not disappoint! Do check out her blog post for a few more photos and commentary. She took some HOT photos of the girls as well as some fabulous detail shots which I am saving for their own post.
Sarah, thank you again for being on our dream team!


nita said...

simply stunnning! :)

ps. i never knew you can't take any pics at public trans! too funny.

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