Monday, January 21, 2008

Fat Kid Creations

My sister, Tanya, & I have always had this exclusively secret club we refer to as Fat Kid Creations. It is the result of our love for all the taboo things we were not supposed to eat frequently and definitely not combined all at once.

Let me give you a few examples [WARNING: Not for those with weak stomachs]...

  • Cheesy rice - a delicious ENTREE (yes, entree) simply combining spanish rice and melted, grated cheese mixed together to form a sticky like texture. The key to this concoction is more cheese then rice. (Dont judge me!)
  • For a sweet tooth, we would recommend dipping milano cookies in uncooked (i know, i know) brownie batter. This same concept works wonderfully with nutella hazelnut chocolate spread and rice krispie treats.

I know it is awful but this is coming from 2 little girls who wanted to buy shares in Country Crock Margarine when they were little (we were obsessed!) If it makes anyone feel better (it makes me feel better) we rarely eat like this anymore. In fact, we try not speak of it at all in public. But then I come across the drool-worthy photo below, at a time when words like "fat" and "cupcake"have been exiled from my everday vocabulary.

Cupcake in a Jar from Fat Daddy Bake Shop

This might call for a mini rebellion/Fat Kid Creation Reunion! is a fully licensed bakery in Chicago. See their website to select from their huge variety of flavors, available for shipping nationwide. The Packaging makes it a super cute, delicious option for wedding favors, bridal showers, and all occassion gifts!

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Tanya said...

As co-founder of FKC I must say I'm very proud of this plug. Cheesy Rice for everyone!