Thursday, January 24, 2008


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The reception photo booth - What a ultra fun crowd pleaser!
The increasingly popular photo booth is a simple concept. Guests can take individual, couple, or group photos that will print out in minutes. The prints make a priceless favor for guests, and additionally, most companies offer cds of all the proofs and/or double prints. Put it next to the guestbook table and have your guests make you a unique, fun scrapbook using their pictures!

This idea, unfortunately will not find a place at our wedding. And I mean that literally - as it is, we are already experiencing a hair pulling space issue (growing guestlist to blame!) and I know our friends well enough to know that the traffic jam at the photo booth will be an all night occurence. Still, it is too entertaining of an idea to not pass along. Here is a picture of me and bridesmaid, Linette, taken by Cheesy PhotoBooths (that's their name, isn't is cute?)

Here's an idea: Have your photographer set up a similar station like photographer, Jonilyn, did for this rehearsal dinner party! Click to view slideshow

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