Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Passport to Love

Ok so I mentioned before that we are trying to include an underlying travel theme into our big day. In our beginning stages of planning, I quizzed my bridesmaids on what's the one thing that Mark & I love to do - two of them said travel, the other two said go to New York... all the same to me! And it's true - whenever we have "extra" money (non existent at this point) or consecutive days off at work (also unheard of these days) - Mark, being the history buff that he is, and me being a devote culture junkie, seek out near and far places, anything pleasantly unfamiliar.

[end of tangent]

For our wedding we have planned subtle and not so subtle details incorporating our love for travel. Most of the paper products and favors will carry this theme. For example, I am attempting a Do it Yourself Version of this passport invitation...
(From Marsupial Invitations)

Please note the word Attempt. Though I find myself becoming quite the little graphic designer these days, these passports look like they might take some time and headache to perfect. I mean I'm not that techie, or at least not yet. Stand by for results....

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