Monday, August 4, 2008


Since I have to start my wedding recap somewhere, I figured I would begin with the less amusing stuff and work my way up from there. I'll start with Friday cuz from what I recall the beginning of the week was pretty much business as usual.

Friday, May 23rd
It was like the calm before the storm - minus the calm part. I am almost embarrassed to admit some of the things that kept us on our tippy toes, but for keepbook's sake...

I woke up that morning and did my usual bride-to-be routine: chase our fat pug around the backyard, check emails, and stared at my big fat checklist of To Dos. Why were there still legible items on there?! Pssshh whatever... I needed a manicure.

What eventually proved to be the World's Worst mani/pedi was actually very relaxing.
I was so excited to tell my nail salon friends that the next time they saw me, I would be spoken for - something they mutually were excited for. Then they yelled at me for cutting my own nails too short, a totally miserable habit of mine. I think I was there for almost 2 hours. I stayed an eternity after they were done to make sure I didn't scuff my polish, another miserable habit of mine.

I had left my phone in the car to ensure maximum Me Time, and when I returned there were close to 129035 missed calls and equally as many voicemails making sure I didn't go AWOL. OH... and as I was backing out I hit a shopping cart, HARD. I nearly forgot because, uhhh well, I never told anyone! hahaha YES, Mark, I hit a shopping cart in the Orchard parking lot. Even worse - when I got home, I dropped a bag I was carrying out of the car and broke our toasting flutes. The newly engraved sentiments were shattered in a million pieces in my driveway. I could only stare at them and shrug.

The majority of the afternoon I committed to tweaking our seating chart display. It was more like fine finishing so don't judge me.

At around the time most people indulge in happy hour, I started to develop buyer's remorse about the Choos I had bought :( Even if I could get over their outrageous price tag, it still didn't help the fact they were hella (yes, hella) uncomfortable for all day use. And this is coming from a girl whose feet ache at the sight of flats. I can go to war in my heels but could I survive our wedding day in those Choos? Shamefully not, so off to Macy's (for the 4th time that week) to buy me some comfy Ninas.

I came home to a very unhappy fiance. It was very hard to break his spirit that week so it had to be bad. [WARNING: very few will relate to trauma of this intensity...] We had an insufficient amount of candy for our candy buffet (ooooh, big deal huh?) Well, it was at the time. Especially when you've reached the point where all you want to do is get married, but you didn't come this far in planning to have such a detail see its final resting place only days before. I had emailed with Bulkfoods all week questioning my missing shipment and they kept assuring me it was on its way. Yet, at 9:38pm on Friday we were still candy-less and running around town picking up the mess of their broken promise. It was such a fiasco, but looking back I picture Mark and I at every 24 hour market in town, frantically purchasing every pink, white, or brown confection we could find (in bulk!) It was quite comical. People were looking at us like we were high and we were like "ya, we're getting married in less than 48 hours" like that made them think anything differently of us. haha

We took lots of over exaggerated deep breaths that night as we packed up the monstrous corner of our house that had become a wedding cyclone. We were exhausted, anxious, and slightly overwhelmed but I remember lots of laughs (and yawns) being shared that night. Adjacent to us, my mom and visiting family talked Life as they so expediently finished tying programs. I went to bed that night entirely humbled not only by that day, but by the entire experience of planning this wedding. No other period in my life had been so emotional, trying, and loving and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

One last gawk at the pair that got away. RIP Jimmy Choos.


Anonymous said...

I've been looking forward to your wedding recap. I applaud how you were so calm through it all. I would have lost it with the flutes for sure. Can't wait for part II.

Tiffany said...

those Choos are to die for. But i hear ya, I have some Choos that I can not walk very much in, and I live in 4 inch heels! it's the arch that he does. It's intense for a foot to be bent that way!

.reese. said...

yay! I've been waiting for your wedding recap! i'm so glad you've been checking out my blog! Those Choos are beautiful! But ditto with comfort&looks vs just the look.

kristel wyman said...

those shoes are amazing!! what's the name of them?