Wednesday, August 20, 2008

05.25.08 The Big Reveal!

As non-traditionalists, Mark and I opted to see each other before the ceremony, and I am so glad we did! Not only did it give me us a chance to shake off our jitters, but our photographers were able to take tons of pictures beforehand while the lighting was precisely perfect.

I was a little emotional, but so happy to see my soon to be husband!

Ahhh... I call this my "exhale" moment

Now off to the ceremony! We all decided to walk since it was just a few blocks away.

I think it built excitement and made for some fun pictures too!

The church courtyard was a great backdrop for photos

From here we parted our seperate ways to wait for our ceremony to start. For me, it was the waiting game. The upstairs bridal suite at the church overlooked the church parking so I was getting anxious and excited seeing guests arrive.

My anxious-excited look

Mom, giving last minute hugs and advice

Patiently waiting

Meanwhile, the guys didn't pass up the opportunity to strike a pose as they greeted guests outside the church...

Our boarding pass programs. Inside them we listed the ceremony order, wedding participants, and a personal message from us.

Even the aisle looks eager!

Photos by Sarah K Chen & Jonilyn Brown

Coming up next: SHOWTIME!


nita said...

Vanessa! you are too beautiful! i love your pictures!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

you looked so beautiful!!

the pictures of all of you walking to the church are awesome. love those.

Jen & Bern said...

Such gorgeous photos! You make a stunning bride. I love all of your details!

Jen & Bern said...

Such gorgeous photos! You make a stunning bride. I love all of your details!

Anonymous said...

Your wedding was stunning! I am so jealous of your details; they are perfect and compliment your theme so well. You got me excited for the next post.

Rachee said...

love love love your travel theme. I still can't get over your invites, they are so freaking fab!

Crystal Le said...

aww... weddings are so exciting. your pictures are beautiful

Jamie said...

I cant believe you made those boarding passes! You need to show everyone the invitations! They were insane!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm curious about your invitations?!? LOL. You have to do a post about them now.

.reese. said...

aw. your emotional picture got me emotional.

Lyca said...

Your pictures are gorgeous, Vanessa!!!