Tuesday, August 12, 2008

05.25.08 G'Morning Sunshine

"G'Morning Sunshine" was my wake up text from Mark. The girls and I had spent the night in the hospitality suite while Mark bunked with his Best Men. The morning of our big day was very easy going. I remember everyone was looking at me trying to figure out if I was OK. Truth was, I was perfectly fine... like way too fine. But that all caught up to me later! In spite of everyone questioning us, Mark and I ate breakfast together in the concierge lounge. It was really nice to sit down alone and kind of reflect on what we were feeling. Mark had a charming aloofness to him and was more quiet than usual. I, on the other hand, could barely eat because I was all bouncy. This demeanor pretty much continued throughout the day. I returned to the suite and this is when my wedding day really began.

Girls Getting Ready

Photos by Sarah K Chen

I think it was right around this time when Liz, our makeup artist, says to me "Oh, you totally just switched over." Before I could figure out what she meant, I realized at that very second that not only did I not hear anything that was happening around me, but I had not said a word for a good ten minutes. I TOTALLY just switched over, and that surreal feeling was slowly but surely seeping in. When I explain this I am going to sound like such a loony but whatever... its like you see the day in third person. Mark described it this way and I knew EXACTLY what he meant. It was honestly like a movie.

We used every last minute we had getting ready. This is due to a minor (OK fine, not so minor) hair dilemma. At the end of the day, its not worth mentioning. But this would explain why we I don't have many posed shots with the girls. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Wait till you see the casualness of the groom's quarters! COMING UP NEXT...


nita said...

keep 'em coming! i love your wedding pictures its like i was there but not really! hAHAHAH thanks for sharing them!

Tiffany said...

just found your blog and it is fantastic! am loving your wedding!

I will be coming back to read all of your archives. =)

.reese. said...

i loved your makeup!! i'm totally booking liz for my wedding day! you looked absolutely amazing!

Rosalba said...

Well said.