Tuesday, August 5, 2008

05.24.08 Some Slumber Party!

Rewind for one second - I forgot to mention some important things about this night. I just have to include the following because its too darn funny.

  • Post rehearsal dinner, I stood in the hallway with Tanya totally unamused by the other girls' plans to "party." I, um, kind of had some important stuff to do the following morning so I wasn't feeling it. I walk into the room to find that they had opened bottles of alcohol I had tucked away in one of my many boxes. These were actually gifts for the groomsmen. I think my stank eye relayed my disappointment, l0l. GIRLS!
  • Despite their big plans to relive moments from the bachelorette party, both Em and Linette fell asleep. Correction: they passed out! I mean - PASSED OUT! Like we were violently jumping on their beds and they still couldn't stop drooling! HAHAHA The other two troopers wanted to try on their dresses and march to processional music. Now this was my kind of fun! lol
  • Late into the night we finished wrapping wedding party gifts and stuffing the kids' goodie bags, all while making predictions about who was gonna cry, fall, or dance down the aisle ;) Priceless!

One last thing... I havent slept in the same bed with my sister, Tanya, since we got our own seperate rooms in the 5th grade. Imagine my surprise when she tried to cuddle with me! Like, no joke, CUDDLE in spooning position, legs entwined and all. I cannot stop making fun of her - it was so creepy weird! hahahahaha!

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Jen and Bernardo said...

I love to read all of the memories of your special day. Makes me want to hold onto mine. :) I love your blog layout.. how'd you do that? Mine seems so narrow.