Saturday, August 30, 2008

05.25.08 Mr. & Mrs.

If ever two people were so obviously on a natural high, it was most definitely us!
Our coordinator, Kerrie, from
Platinum Weddings by Kerrie, found this park while she was running (literally running) back and forth from the church to the Madison. It looks as if we are standing in some secluded, enchanted spot but really we are surrounded by the massive buildings and madness that is downtown Long Beach. While our guests were making cozy with our reception venue, we gladly took our time frolicking around the city, posing as newlyweds :)

If it's not obvious, Sarah worked her butt off to get these fab shots! Have I ever mentioned how much I love her?! I have so many fabulous portraits to pick from, but since I am quite certain that you are sick of looking at our smoochy mugs (i kinda am!), I will leave you with these.

Coming up next: Reception details galore!

Have a safe and relaxing long weekend :)


Jen and Bern said...

Yea a new posting! How can you get sick of those great shots? I bet you can't decide which ones to enlarge! Can't wait for the reception detail posting.. the detail queen! :) Have a great weekend!

nita said...

love your pictures! sarah is so freakishly talented!!! you should submit your photogs to a magazine to get published!!!

Rachee said...

you guys look gorgeous.

eee. Can't wait for the reception details!

Shelly! said...

Agree with above post, you should submit to magazines. These are entirely magazine worthy!

.reese. said...

i 2nd the yay on a new posting! these shots are magical!

lesliekevin said...

Love the pictures!

Lyca said...

You both look so happy!! I agree, you should try to get these published! They're awesome!