Sunday, February 24, 2008


The role of the mother of the bride has undoubtedly gotten a bad rep - deservingly in some cases, but not in mine. Throughout this whole wedding planning process (throughout my entire life actually) no one has been more essential and supportive than my mom <3 Knowing when to let go and when to stand ground is a skill she has so eloquently embraced (and something she has taught me I clearly need to work on!) Whether is it attending countless vendor meetings, finding the perfect lace to match my dress, or even just listening to me rave or rant about this and that - she willingly and lovingly accepts the madness and craziness that is me.

I've always suspected but was recently reminded about how a lot of the joy of a wedding is in the planning and not just the Big Day alone. Really, while it feels like you are doing all this stuff for everyone else, it is everyone else that is equally excited to witness and celebrate (genuinely celebrate) your joining in marriage. How beautiful is that?! I am positively overwhelmed with the amount of help I have been offered from family and friends. Mark and I feel incredibly blessed to have their support!

If you have people like this in your life, I encourage you to just express this to them, even if they already know; everyone just needs to be reminded of it now and then... To my beautiful mother, I owe a lifetime of gratitude. I love you mom!!!

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