Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Hairy Decision

Hair classically up? or half down?
Please help me make a decision - place your vote!

Note: My hair does not hold curl well. Unless it is a very tight curl which is not the look pictured here :( But on the other hand, we all know I have the heaviest hair and it is very hard to pin it up and expect it to stay (especially since I plan on cutting some rug on the dance floor!!!) HELP!!!

**Click on the collage to enlarge**

Yes, that is my dress in the first collage and I am getting the mantilla veil pictured in the center of the 2nd collage :)

On a side note, look how long my hair is getting!

It's so tempting to cut it to my shoulders but I need the length for the wedding.

Click on the comments link and tell me which is your favorite! Thanks XOXO <3


marie said...

i think half up is gorgeous but all up is more practical... go half up

Catherine Tang said...

i didn't know either and decided to go up b/c i never wear my hair up. so if i would ever it would be on my wedding day. i wanted to look glamorous on the day and not just like everyday look. therefore, i vote up, but you may have to trim a bit. also if your hair doesn't hold curl well then it may end up all straight by the end. so, it's up for me!