Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Warriors

It has occured to me that we have hit that stage of planning where there are suddenly 592384 little things to do. All major vendors have been booked and the weeks/months ahead are full of all these mini projects. It sounds heavenly but its these "mini" projects that are proving to be the most time consuming, and yet convienently the easiest to put off. What I really need to do is sit down and gather all the post it notes and (mental notes!) and make a huge to do list (if you know me, you know that these sort of checklists are the very being of me, its what i do, its what excites me, its MY LIFE! haha omg - creepy - ) Because I am certain that anyone who is reading this is not even half as thrilled as I am about this list, I will spare you from sharing what I need to do and instead share what I did do this weekend...

Linette (my sister from another mister) accompanied me to the previously blogged about Paper Source wedding event. -WAIT- Rewind... when I told Linette what the event was all about, her reply was: "wait, what? you want to check out paper? huh?" Upon further explanation, she basically laughed at me and called me names and advised me not to share my love of paper with anyone else... ya too late. This is important to the story because within only seconds of entering my ridiculed favorite store, I lose Linette to the lure of patterns, textures, and vibrance of - you guessed it - PAPER! If you could only see us prancing around the ultra packed store squealing, "OMG look at this! Try this!" We are so embarassing! And then we make a bee-line for the do it yourself craft table and like 7 year olds (no offense 7 year olds), we grab all the flourish-y stamps, metallic ink pads, & glitter tubes like we were on some distinct mission NOT to share the good stuff. We learn the art of embossing from the totally unimpressed sales staff, and hours (yes hours) later we leave with our new rubber stamp kit, our embossing tools, and an enthusiastic passion for handmade craft products. We thought we were sooooo cool with our new found knowledge and lingo! haha what a bunch of nerds! I would post a picture of what we made but I know for a fact, my photography skills would just not do it any justice :( but all I can say is if you dont have one of these, your missing out on some serious Saturday night fun -

Its an embossing heating tool... DUH!

So that was the Paper-Source event. After that we went to Michaels, Tall Mouse Crafts, & Joann's Fabrics to look for ribbon to decorate the centerpieces - no luck whatsoever, not even close. I get Linette every Saturday though, so you can expect to hear more about this. Yay for you!

Sunday - On Sunday, Mark and I thought we would start to tackle our Bed, Bath, & Beyond gift registry. This was after much debate if we even register at all because the truth is we dont really need anything. As it is, we have way too much stuff and no place to put it. But then we took a look around our room. Cozy as it is, there is a black tv stand across from me, a light colored desk adjacent to the bed. We dont own one set of matching towels and we have "aquired" table settings. It is one beautiful disaster and has been functional thus far but we realized that as we are building a new life together, we should take advantage of everyone's willingness to generously help us build a home together. So there we are at BBB - Me with the clipboard, Mark with the scanner (how fun!) working our way down the "suggested checklist"

The Suggested Checklist... hmmm how do I put this? Cherry pitter, hands free apple pealer, beef jerky maker. 'nuff said.

The results - 2 1/2 hours later we were physically and mentally exhausted and entirely overwhelmed with the massive selections. Even me, the disturbingly obsessive shopper, was like "eh whatever, just scan it" I know some major damage control needs to happen but its yet another task that will have to wait for now. I figure we are much better online shoppers anyways and BBB has a great website.

SO that was my weekend - very small baby steps but its a start...

Man, I'm good at starting stuff ;)

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Catherine Tang said...

Ha! Love this post! I remember the days of small projects...I'm so glad they're over. Crystal is going through the same thing right now. She also registered at BBB, but went to C&B and found that it was so much easier and organized. She still has both though.

Anyway, glad you had fun at Papersource. I have the stamp kit, too...dryer, stamps, stamp cleaner, glitter, etc. LOL. We're so similar it's not even funny.