Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hate is kind of a harsh word :\

It's not that I hate Valentine's day. I just cannot support a day that makes single people miserable and pressures those who are coupled up to be spontaneously romantic. Even more aggravating, I am annoyed by the ridiculous sky rocket of retail items and the commercialized idea that spoiling your significant other somehow dictates your love or worthiness of that person. Call me a scrooge, but Mark and I are entirely anti V-day. And call me a show off but everyday Mark and I put our best efforts into showing our love for each other. True, some days we score better then others, but the intentions are there ;)

I am not bashing anyone who makes friends with the hallmark holiday. Nor do I shy away at the offer of a delicious not-good-for-me chocolate. But yes, I am urked that everywhere I turn there are flowers and I LOVE flowers but not overpriced ones on February 14th. And I am slightly peeved that none of our favorite places will do a takeout order, which probably means I am eating Mac n Cheese again tonight. And I am irrate that I could not find a parking space at Target because your men are desperately looking for a last minute card!

Ok maybe I do hate Valentine's day just a little...

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Sosefina said...

hey you... yup im preggers! its scary.. very very scary.. but yeah im also getting married, but next year..besides this is your time.. the markessa wedding!!! i have plenty of time after your day to announce it all.. as far as im concern you have the first half of the year!!! lol im excited for you guys.. scott and i are total markessa blog fans!!