Friday, February 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

While my days are currently occupied with finding the perfect ribbons and scouting honeymoon location potentials, Mark and my mom have began our hunt for our new home! As a total surprise to me, Mark & I will be relocating (locally) after the wedding madness has subsided. My mom is ever so graciously helping us build our new life together and I am so overwhelmingly grateful and excited (and spoiled!) :)
One of my post wedding resolutions is learning to let go and trust others. You may have known this forever but I just learned that I am a total control freak! hehe SO as my first practice, I am trusting this decision to the expertise of my knowledgeable mom and totally considerate and practical fiance. I know they will do a fabulous job hunting and finding the house for us to call home! Wish us luck! <3

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