Monday, February 11, 2008


I have a really bad habit of over-researching. This has plagued me all my life and has been the most time consuming part of wedding planning. I spend way too much time attempting to see everything that is available and not available to me, and take the longest time making the most simple decision, even the obvious ones. I promise I'm going to work on this (starting after the wedding, he he!) TO make matters worse, I am an avid blog stalker! Honestly, I feel like I know people because I follow my favorite blogs so religiously. I even find myself genuinely concerned when they dont post for days without warning. LOL You guys, its bad! You should be genuinely concerned for me! haha No, but seriously...

I guess, on the bright side, one good thing that can be said about me is that when I make a decision it has been thoroughly considered and I get a great deal of satisfaction from this. I booked my florist today and I couldn't be more pleased and excited to work with her! Not only because she was my first choice and I have admired her work on many knottie bios, but because she has challenged me to be more decisive and creative. Stay tuned for some of my ideas for my do it yourself vases/candle holders. IN the meantime, check out the inspiring floral creations of the ever so popular and equally talented, Flower Allie. [click here to see her blog]

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